About the Steem Business Alliance

We bring together top class projects on the Steem Blockchain within a
framework of best practise to provide optimised services to existing and
prospective businesses operating in the Blockchain sphere. 

 What we do

The SBA is an organisation which supports businesses involved in for-profit, sustainable use of the Steem blockchain. 

It is a community-driven strategic alliance that shares resources, education and expertise while jointly developing best practice solutions and IP sharing for interested members to adopt. 

 How We Work

The SBA brings exceptional people who are involved in the Steem blockchain ecosystem into a single entity which pools its expertise and resources to provide support through business networking, cooperation and integration of new dApps. 

 Our Vision

The Steem blockchain is the perfect home for businesses and organisations which wish to utilise the properties of the blockchain without having to build their own. 

Our vision is to see a massive increase in the business applications and activities on the Steem blockchain, which will drive a significant demand for the Steem token through the commerical activities they engage in. 


Any individual Steem user, project or dApp which feels it can add value to external clients is invited to apply to join the SBA and provide their skills to clients which we bring in. All contributors are rewarded for participating in providing services.

How we can help


We assist new businesses with finding the partnership and talent they require to build their business on Steem

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Collaborate with existing Steem projects to generate creative ideas on how to develop and implement your project

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Joint Development

Work with other members of the Steem community in developing collaborative projects on the blockchain

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Community building

Be part of the Steem Business Alliance to bring exposure to your project and grow your community

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Shared Resources

We assist businesses with finding the right skills to help you accelerate your Steem businesses potential

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Best Practice

We understand the conventions and best practices in the Steem ecosystem, and can help you navigate it for yourself

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